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10 DIY Decorating Projects to Develop Your Creative Skills

Every season brings new inspiration and opportunities. As each holiday requires crafts and decorations, any rainy weekend should be considered an occasion to develop creative skills and celebrate life. If you have a creative side or just want to try sometihng new here is 10 DIY Decorating Projects to Develop Your Creative Skills

1.Paint your own wood table.

An inexpensive basic coffee table can quickly become the room’s focus. Choose one that is already finished for a quicker job. Prime, paint and seal using supplies specifically for wood.

2. A bathtub tray

Get a simple wood plank that fits over your bathtub and use a waterproof sealant. Place silicone dots on the bottom for extra stability. Very useful for holding your book or glass of wine as you’re relaxing.

3. A photo collage is always a fun and easy project

The most versatile way to show your pictures is by using magnets. Magnetic bands can be found at craft stores or in home improvement stores and they stick to walls. Print pictures in bulk and stick magnetic tape to their back. You can have a different theme for each room, like vacation pictures in the bedroom, pictures of friends and family in the dining area.

4. Make your own herb garden

Whether you like to cook or just mix cocktails, fresh herbs always enhance the flavor. Plant the herbs separately in little ceramic pots and place them on a metal tray or in a shallow wooden box.

5. Paint your own abstract

Find a place for your future piece and get the right sized canvas. Using acrylic paint, brushes and sponges, set your mind free and paint. An abstract can be anything the creator wants it to be.

6. A different take on shelves

Use different sizes of wooden boxes. Paint them to complement the room and secure them to the wall. Get creative with the interiors. Make sure the sides are strong enough to hold whatever you choose to put on them.

7. Quirky throw pillows

Repurpose an old shirt or sweater by using it as a pillowcase. Remove the sleeves, put it over a pillow and sew the open ends. Old ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters can live on as ‘ugly’ Christmas pillow cases.

8. Use air dry clay to make your own memento

A pet’s paw, a palm, the old key you had when you first moved in with your partner can be imprinted into the clay. Let it dry and then paint or write with acrylic paint. It can then be placed in a shadow box.

9. For more space

An old 3 tier dessert stand can be refurbished to hold jewelry or toiletries. A wood one will be the best to personalize. Buff, paint as you wish and seal.

10. Make your own family Crest

Find out whatever you can about what the family name means and think about your family’s favorite things. Start with a piece of wood, paint it in the family colors, use stencils to write the name in the middle. Add wood or textile cutouts of animals, plants, fantastic creatures and symbols that are connected to your family name.
Projects can be a fun way of spending quality time with family and friends. Also, the results will have more meaning.

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