How to decorate in Eclectic style

How to decorate in Eclectic style

Eclectic is a recent decorating style that offers a great deal of creative freedom. It brings together simple and luxurious, antique and futuristic, dynamic and relaxed, all with a drop of personal touch. You can have rustic, Victorian, urban, shabby chic and Art Deco all rolled into one amazing house.
There’s a fine line between bold and tacky, it all comes down to the harmony created. The blend of various furniture and palettes needs to be pleasing to the eye, an organized chaos that flows effortlessly. There’s a consistency that goes throughout the house, either the backgrounds, color schemes or patterns.
The latest fashion furnishings can become less impersonal when they welcome chairs and art with character.
You can merge designer and mass made pieces, order custom furniture, commission artwork, do projects yourself. Think out of the box.
Play with colors and patterns, for example you have a blue couch. You can add an upholstered chair with white and light yellow stripes. Connect them with white and navy throw pillows and a Chevron pattern blanket in white, navy and yellow. The rug would have a straight line pattern. Attention should be on the complementing beauty, not fixed on a single piece.
At the same time, you want to avoid a bland boring sight. Incorporate unusual furniture and pieces of art that pop and catch the viewer’s interest, then pleasantly fit in.
If the color scheme is rich and electric, it calls for neutral colored furniture like brown to keep it grounded. Select light sheer curtains for enhanced daylight and sun blocking drapes where necessary.
Unusual and original pieces can be found in antique shops, at farmer’s markets.
Plan each room’s layout and carefully choose what you need. If you cannot imagine a perfect space for something, don’t purchase it. You can have sufficient things without covering all the walls. Avoid cluttering the flat surfaces with small decorative objects, a crowded room can be overwhelming and exhausting.
An eclectic style is perfect for displaying treasures found while traveling. Focus on quality handmade textiles, glass and ceramic. Choosing natural materials brings a refined ambience.
Subtle gold accents will make rugs and upholstery look glamorous. Metallic colors can be very chic in artwork.
Be brave in matching textures, delightful satin or lace pillows can rest on a stern metal chair.
The dining table can be decorated with fresh flowers and unique glass containers to which you can add candles. You get a cozy setting and a subtle fragrance.
Go beyond your comfort zone and you will be rewarded with genuine surroundings. You will look forward to entertaining and spending time home.
Light fixtures can instantly upgrade your home. Pick modern ceiling fixtures and minimalist lamps. Make your living room sparkle with a grand chandelier if space allows it.
The kitchen can have bright cupboards and be balanced with sleek appliances and utensils. Or combine shades of brown and white backgrounds, neutral countertops and bring it to life with colorful appliances, a bowl of oranges, novelty accessories.
This is where family gathers, so it should feel inviting and fun.
Remember to make use of the hallways, they provide valuable space for wall art and pictures.
Warm shades of white in bathrooms set a fresh and cozy mood. Show creativity with custom bathtubs, brass and wood sinks. You can meet the requirements for an invigorating morning and a relaxing evening with neutral colors and a pinch of purple or green. Leave plenty of space to move around, but a small cheerful slipper chair is practical. Keep the look together by investing in quality matching towels. Place handmade baskets for hand towels, artisanal bath products, properly sealed or glass wall art.
Bedrooms should keep a silent and comfortable aura. Gray walls are elegant and timeless, the dresser and nightstands can have a sumptuous antique look, while premium sheets and tasteful throw pillows add a sharp look. Comfort should be your priority here, in your personal sanctuary. Limit vibrant decor as to not overpower the room. A corner can become a reading nook or a peaceful oasis with whimsical chaise lounges and an Art Deco end table.
Each person has the power to express their individual preferences, the challenge is to do so in a consistent manner and achieve symmetry. Do what feels best, while remembering that everything has a purpose.

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