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Simple Things to Do That Can Perk Up a Room

A new year means a fresh new start. It comes with a new ‘You’, new goals and resolutions. One goal could be refreshing your living space. This year calls for a mix of modern and rudimentary, interiors are to be imperfect and sustainable. There are simple things to do that can perk up a room.

1. Paint a bedroom wall

You can reinvigorate the bedroom with a kick of color. Cobalt blue, forest green or teal will give a new look without disturbing the calmness of your sleeping space.

2. A fancy bathroom

Shop for interesting glass or wood containers to fit all toiletries. Fold and roll your towels and place them in baskets according to size. Use the space above the toilet and install a shelf for floral arrangements, art, air fresheners.

3. Modernize the living room

Furniture with modern, clean lines can be balanced with well placed personal items and souvenirs. Rearrange the furniture to create a new atmosphere. Add some fun ottomans, pillows with geometric designs and art.

4. For the kitchen

A new aspect can be achieved with a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets. Use earthy tones for a warm and inviting look. Free up some counter space for a refined display of quality tea and cookies. Spring for fresh cut flowers and make your own arrangements.

5. Kids or teenagers room

These rooms can be a good place to experiment with wallpaper, chairs in fun prints, rugs in bright colors. A winding down corner can be made of pillows, fake fur blankets, string lights. Yellow lights are whimsical and they can double as a night light.

6. Reserve a table for entertainment

Game night is a wonderful activity for kids and adults alike. For comfort use a low table and giant floor pillows. A fun find like a treasure chest can hold the games and props.

7. Keep a reminder of amazing moments

A great way to get original art is by printing canvases with your own pictures. A family picture, a beautiful scenery, the architecture you captured on your last vacation. Put together different sized canvases. Your walls will be unique.

8. Create a reading nook

Find a spot next to a window, bring in a chaise lounge, add a soft throw blanket and pillows. A wood and metal side table completes the look.

9. Take care of the first impression.

The entrance of the house is often overlooked. Shoes can be stored in a simple closed shoe rack for a neat look. Mismatched vintage hangers are ornamental and useful, paint them the same color. A very large sturdy vase can be used for umbrellas.

Small changes can have a big impact. Use the same color palette and materials throughout the house, but break the monotony with eye catching pieces.

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