Few DIY Tricks to Do Room Decorating

Few DIY Tricks to Do Room Decorating

For some their room is their safe place, their office, their creative space or simply their space to relax. Often the home is for entertaining and for other people, but a person’s room specifically is special to them and needs to be decorated and tailored to their liking. We all work hard for our money and sometimes it can be stretched thin. If you have a creative side or just want to try sometihng new there are a few DIY tricks that can help you make your decorative dreams come true.

Reclaimed wood is a reletively easy and cheap way to decorate, one of my favorite things that can be added to almost anything. With the right supplies you can make a patterned headboard, side table or bench for your room. Wood also gives you the option to sand and stain the piece to the shade that’s just right for your room. You can also cut out different shapes in order to make different design effects, chevron, or other ideas for each of your projects. For smaller projects you can use the wood to make signs or shelves in your room. Old bookshelves or dressers can be turned into new and improved bedroom pieces with just sanding and paint. Pick up some screws and wood glue and get to work! Wood is often overlooked and is an amazing way to add new and affordable decor to your room.

Mirrors are also a great way to add flare to your room, you can use a reclaimed mirror or buy a shape of your choice. Then add flowers, gemstones, corks, or even glitter to the border to make a frame. Mirros lighten up your room but leave room for creative features. Adding a chair of your choice can turn a mirror into a vanity with a small desk in no time. Chalk paint is a must have for DIY room projects. Weather you want to turn an entire wall into a chalk wall or just a small piece for a reminder board, chalk paint is very easy to use and takes minimal effort.

Everyone needs something on their walls to look at when they walk in or when they are working and need inspiration. Buying art or decorations can be a bit pricy, which is why it’s great to make your own. You can buy some paint and canvas and paint yourself some beautiful work, check your local Goodwill stores, or garage sales for printed art and simply add a new frame! Collages are a great way to add inspiration to your room for when you are feeling low. Look in different magazines or print offline and then frame your work to hang in just the right space for some much needed inspo.

Decorating doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. More times when we buy things they don’t feel personal and don’t fit into our space. If you take some of these DIY ideas and make your own then your room can always feel warm and welcoming. Our room is our safe place and it deserves to have amazing decor to pick us up just when we need it!

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