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The Best Colors for Decorating a Bedroom

People often say “Home is where the heart is,” but is that really true? It seems that nearly all Americans spend half their lifetime in their beds! In order to make this experience enjoyable of course we all decorate to our taste and fill our bedroom and home with things that make us feel cozy. We need our sanctuary to have a warm feeling but also be eclectic and not so cookie cutter. Afterall no one wants to have a bedroom that feels like it belongs on a display. Eclectic is defined as incorporating many different things in order to make something new and fresh. Textures and patterns play an important role in the eclectic style, as well as colors.

Some of the best colors to paint your room are lavendar, light green, pale blue or gray and dark blue or dark gray. These baseline colors give you the freedom to add pops of color and accents but still keep the overall tone relaxing. People want their room to soothe them to sleep but still make them excited to be there and spend time. Pale out colors or a pale pallet room allows you to have soft colors for when you need to relax but gives you the opportunity to add darker elements and deepen the room. Pale colors also make your room feel larger so it’s perfect for a bedroom that may not have alot of space. The lighter color allows the natural light to bounce around the room instead of absorbing it, creating a light and airy space! Light blue or hues of blue can engulf the room and make a spa like feel, have you dreaming of the ocean or staring into the sky. Blues are very realxing and can make the space feel timeless. Blues also allow you to add other colors to your room without being lost on the walls. Lavender is a beautiful color that is also has a soothing tone, it does great with a pop of orange or red to warm the cool feel. Adding carpets, a wallpaper wall, some eye catching art or textured curtains can really add some of the eclectic style into your room.

If you prefer to go darker the dark pallet of greys and blues can add a very warm sensation to your space. While darker colors on your walls can make a space feel smaller, if you add the right things you can manage a beutiful space for yourself. If you are seeking a more elegant or edgy look then dark gray is the go-to. The engulfing color makes you feel peaceful and calm, while still giving your home the ultimate backdrop for many family memories. It is the perfect neutral to add splashes of silver and even red, to allow your room to be a safe place and still leave space for pinks and pruples. Dark blue has some of the same attributes but is often said to produce sad thoughts. To avoid this be sure to add an accent wall with some wallpaper or go for a total different color, add in lots of textures with your art and pick an awesome set of curtains to add contrast in your dark blue room. Silvers can pair nicely with blues as well as whites.

Overall your room is one of the most important places in your home. We go to our rooms for peace and quiet and to just unwind from our day. We jump into bed when we feel sick or when we feel overwhelmed in this big world. It is also the first thing we wake up to, and it sets our mood for the day. Make starting and ending your day amazing with some of these colors. Be sure to add different styles and patterns that fit your taste in order to give your room variety. Weather you choose to keep it cool or go dark the options are endless, as are the shades.

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