5 Different Types of Exterior Home Designs

5 Different Types of Exterior Home Designs

5 Different Types of Exterior Home Designs

People must ensure that their dwellings reflect their preferences. Furthermore, residents must ensure that their homes are appropriate for their surroundings, with steep-angled roofs dominating colder climates due to the threat of stored precipitation. As a result, it should be no surprise that US homes come in various external styles, frequently combined and matched in the same homes. Many exterior home designs replicated the essence of European style, including stone construction materials framed with lumber beams and finished with steep roofs and unique chimneys.

Exterior home designs come in many styles. Stately, they are Victorian style, Tudor style inspired by old English designs, trendy Southwest style, the log cabin and the sola first used in northern Europe and popularized in the United States, and the southwestern United States deserts style. Each of these suits a particular type to suit every family.

Victorian Exterior home designs.

Victorian exterior home designs

In the Victorian, another English-inspired style, the size of the stained windows varies between the second and first stories, where ornamental panels are standard. Victorian homes are the first to use eye-catching color combinations on the outside siding and trim. Towers, turrets, dormers, and large wrap-around porches are common characteristics of Victorian homes. Roof shapes were steeper in Victorian residences as architects tried to develop designs that drew the eye to the top of the house. Carved brackets are standard at the eaves. Fancier home designs are made possible by new siding materials and decorative trim elements. Walls with uneven shapes are famous in Victorian dwellings.

Mediterranean Exterior home designs.

Mediterranean Exterior home designs.

Some exterior home designs have structures made of a wood roof, whether it is a simple adobe roof or a Spanish mission-style roof. These varieties of wood have a pleasant appearance that reminds you of warm weather and beaches. This style is entirely used throughout, including walls and floors, giving an outside area appearance of something country. Stone looks great in a variety of contexts. The gazebo is an optional item that comes with many of these residences. Gazebos are ideal for adding Mediterranean flair to your outdoor living space.

Spanish colonial Exterior home designs/ southwest homes designs.

Spanish colonial Exterior home designs

Southwest homes are so ubiquitous in the Southwest. They are also frequently referred to as Spanish colonial dwellings. Given its name, it’s no wonder that they’re inspired by architecture from Spain’s substantial colonial empire, as evidenced by their earth tones, small windows, stuccoes walls, and large, wooden doors. These qualities make it easy to identify Spanish Colonial homes, mainly because they have flatter roofs that are well-suited to the milder climes of their home region.

Ranch-style home design.

Ranch-style home design

Single-story houses can also be diverse in their exterior designs. Ranch-style homes, which became popular in the 20th century because of their flexibility, were built in regions where space was plentiful; they tend to stand low to the earth, giving them a sprawled-out appearance. Some Ranch style homes are rectangular, but it is relatively uncommon for them to be L or U-shaped. Finally, they like to choose designs and materials that foster a sense of continuity with their outside spaces, even though many of their surfaces may appear austere and plain to those accustomed to more lavishly adorned homes.

Log cabin home design.

Log cabin home design

The log cabin is one of the most distinctive exterior home designs popularized in the United States as pioneers traveled with trees to create the walls of their homes. Log cabin designs featured rows of notched logs at the ends, small windows, and a single entrance because of the primitive equipment available in the period. Designers chopped records in a plain square or rectangular shape, and the entire design reflects the same simplicityand dash; the fireplace’s chimney fashioning of stone. The roof will be tilted, and the eaves will be visible outside. Log homes, commonly found in rural settings, require a lot of room inside and out; hence, they are. The architecture of 1800s log cabins is not dissimilar to that of a modern log cabin, where they are more significant in size. Still, the design’s simplicity of design and construction are its distinguishing features. Modern log cabin construction has an adventurous appearance while delivering all modern conveniences.


In conclusion, unsurprisingly, due to firmly connection with exquisite luxury, many of these home designs are still in use today.

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