Which Home Decor Suits Your Personality

Which Home Decor Suits Your Personality

There are many components to consider when decorating a house. These aren’t necessarily just the larger pieces although they can certainly guide you in a general direction. However, it’s the smallest details like knick-knacks and picture frames that will let people know a lot about you. However, it can also be extremely overwhelming. When considering all the things you want to see in your house it may lead you to more questions than answers. One of the biggest is which home decor suits your personality. Thankfully, there are many ways to determine these and equally as many websites to find the perfect pieces.

Month of birth and Decorating Personality

One of the more popular ways to suss out the way your house should look is to consider your month of birth. This is a great way to determine which home decor suits your personality. You may even discover that others share your love for eclectic photos or antique toys. studies shows that

Homes occupied by early and late year birthdays from December to January will do well with pieces designed to stand the test of time. If you’re musically inclined you may want to incorporate pieces into your design that reflects this.

For those born between January and February, they will suggest things radically different from others when mulling over their home decorating style. Additionally, they don’t shy away from pairing pieces others may not think to put together.

Then there are birthdays between February and March which typically like more nautical areas in their residence.

People who were born between April and May have a stubborn nature that dictates that the house must be in a constant order. They’re the ones who may also have a clear direction when ruminating on what which home decor style suits their personality. So, they may want to put a heavier emphasis on decorative storage units. They also tend to be more focused on the hearth and home and will most likely find their space a sanctuary when adding pieces that speak to comfort.

If you were born between May and June there’s a strong likelihood you’re a world traveler. A good way of celebrating that is adding pieces in your house that speaks to vacations you’ve taken and perhaps places you can’t wait to visit.

People born between June and July for example tend to be more emotional and moody and would benefit from having a house full of relaxing colors. Blue in any shade would be an ideal color to feature for any of them. Those people are most likely to require a more distinct focus on serenity and emotion.

Those who are born between July and August are constantly fueled by the dynamic aspects of life. They may be so confident they think they already have a great idea when asked “which home decor suits your personality?” If you are one of them you may want to fill your house with interesting paintings and other pieces in a myriad of bold colors.

People between August and September will benefit most from a house that feels homey but keeps pieces to a minimum since they thrive in a spot free from clutter.

Birthdays between September and October on the other hand require a constant balance in hearth and harmony. For them, they will undoubtedly do best with a style that’s a meld of modern and traditional.

People born between October and November are the ones with the most brooding nature and will probably have a house with a dramatic flair. 

Now! Whatever your month of birth the best thing you can do is trust your instincts. After all, everyone is different and your house should be where you feel most at peace with the world.


Which Home Decor Suits Your Personality? The question can lead you down an infinite search. Hopefully, the idea of channeling your inner mystics helps you get an idea of all the potential in your personal living space. Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “home is the nicest word there is.” Since it is one of the spaces where we spend the most time it should reflect the style of its inhabitants. Your month of birth is a great starting point because it may give you ideas you hadn’t already considered. Who knows? You may come out with a well-appointed space and a more rounded knowledge of yourself.

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